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All your patents are belong to us.

Elon Musk is a monster. An innovative genius.

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Who? Who in the tech/innovative industry would surrender their “competitive advantage” for the “greater good”? Especially with the threat of that kind of information finding its way into the eyes of companies(and countries) who would/can do it cheaper/possibly better (China).  Companies get sued for billions of dollars for things like this. (See Samsung and Apple). Its like an open invitation fort tech companies to “challenge” Tesla and even Elon Musk himself or maybe even help him finish the journey that he is already on. From a tech stand point, open sharing of information inspires growth and  innovation. From a business standpoint, I’m sure there are people who have money in Tesla that are squirmy from this news.

From the man himself:

He may have started something very interesting …or may have thrown away a lot of money.

Smart [Insert Here] Technology

I was searching through my Google reader this morning and I noticed a post on that caught my attention. A SMART refrigerator. Today was the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, NV and I’m sure it had tons of new , innovative electronics on display.

LG is pioneering into technology packed appliances with their ThinkQ appliance line. LG’s new smart refrigerator manages health and the groceries in your refrigerator as if your diet was a supply chain. It even has voice recognition. This is no doubt a really tricked out refrigerator and its a cool concept.  How cool would it be to be able to lock your roommate out of the fridge or keep the cake from last night all to yourself for desert? Other products apart of the new ThinkQ appliance line are a smart oven and smart vacuum cleaner. After a while I’m wondering if we will be able to live without smart technology later down the line.

Technology is a juicy topic because it changes our lives and is constantly changing. However, sometimes its, well, overdone and can be fairly complicated.  As I hinted in my previous post, I’m a fan of the correct use of technology especially for efficiency but when things start to get overcomplicated I start to question it. Toyota is looking to releasing the FT-86 very soon. A car that will be oriented on affordable performance and packed with the technology to get it done. Another Toyota car, the Prius, uses technology to balance between an electric motor and a gasoline motor, an innovation that creates excellent fuel economy for the user. The same company under the Lexus name, makes the LS460 that has the technology to park itself. One, its probably a feature on the car because of its size and two, Toyota probably doesn’t trust you parking it. It seems excessive and inefficient to me. It can send a message too. Much like the Lexus, the ThinkQ line has good intentions and  customers will still pay for and appreciate these awesome machines but to me their features seem unnecessary and wasteful.

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It may seem like I’m knocking Lexus and LG’s new appliance line but new technology is always good its just expensive at times. Its how advancements take place. Not everyone wants the cheap energy star all white refrigerator that does the job and saves you money. LG does have what they call “Blast Chiller” technology. It can chill a bottle of wine(or maybe some beer) in 8 minutes! That’s something i would definitely pay money for.

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