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Puerto Vallarta, MX spring trip

Last Month, my buddies an I decided to take a trip out to Mexico for vacation.  We had many places in mind but chose Puerto Vallarta as our destination (price point is muy bien!) as no one had been to MX before. We chose to stay at an all-inclusive hotel, which turned out to be a smart move considering the amount of drinks and food we consumed on this trip.

Aside from the spring break shenanigans, I was amazed by the public roads, traffic rules, and cars that made up the Mexican commuter lifestyle. Suprisingly, VW’s, dirt bikes and prerunner type trucks were everywhere. It reminded alot of Santa Cruz but with its own flavor and style.  I was stoked to get a headstart on summer and finally get out to a beach:

Few pics:


Its always a treat to see life from different perspectives. Salud!

McFly Truck @ Silicon Con Valley Comic Con 2017

I attended the Silicon Valley Comic Con This past weekend. It was the first one I’ve been to one and I enjoyed everything about it. From the cosplayers, to the celebs roaming around, to the artists working on art right in front of your eyes. It was great!

But. I absolutely loved this thing. Mint condition too. Car cosplay is great too!



There was also Top Gun helmets on display.  Inspiration for piloting my own fighters.


All your patents are belong to us.

Elon Musk is a monster. An innovative genius.

the bos

Who? Who in the tech/innovative industry would surrender their “competitive advantage” for the “greater good”? Especially with the threat of that kind of information finding its way into the eyes of companies(and countries) who would/can do it cheaper/possibly better (China).  Companies get sued for billions of dollars for things like this. (See Samsung and Apple). Its like an open invitation fort tech companies to “challenge” Tesla and even Elon Musk himself or maybe even help him finish the journey that he is already on. From a tech stand point, open sharing of information inspires growth and  innovation. From a business standpoint, I’m sure there are people who have money in Tesla that are squirmy from this news.

From the man himself:

He may have started something very interesting …or may have thrown away a lot of money.