About Jeremy

Hello, Welcome to Behind the Auto!

I’m Jeremy Jimenez, an automotive enthusiast with business-minded tendencies.
I’m a University of Nevada, Reno business management graduate. I’m originally from San Jose, California. I own a emerald green 1975 Datsun 280z and I am a member of the Datsun community. I follow F1 and MotoGP racing when I can and I’m also interested in competitive drifting. I try to participate in competitive automotive events. This includes autocross, drifting, karting, and on-track experiences. When I’m not working or doing school work I’m reading up on cars or catching up with competitive racing venues. I am going to be doing more on my car and in events so follow my blog if you are interested in automotive news, want tips, how-to’s, build progress, event coverage, or other various Datsun content.

Beside my automotive addiction, innovation and strategy are my interests. I like to take things apart to find how they work. All the way down the nuts and bolts. My purpose is to help you notice the simplicity within the complexity. Cut the fat, remove the waste and expose the bones.  Whether it is in an automotive context, business context, or something else, simplicity, effectiveness and how it is executed fascinates me. It is what draws me to cars but there are so many ways to build a car just as there are so many way to skin a cat. Building a car within a certain amount of resources and design to achieve a bar of performance that is competitive and effective in the market is an example of this. Automotive Engineers will always approach their challenge in different ways and it is amazing to see the outcomes. I believe in this philosophy and that it can be carried over to many interests and be applied in various situations. Learning is the key part of this process because we learn from each other and develop advancement out of that experience.

I hope that you enjoy my blog!


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