Megasquirt P.2 (Fuel Surge Tank!)

Before I dyno’d the Z, I got it running on basic maps I found on the Hybridz forums. Idle checked out, warm-up checked out, and it pulled pretty good. But to my horror I had the same issue that I had before Megasquirt:once it heated up, the car would lose power on boost. My fuel pressure gauge was telling me that the pressure was dropping under boost so I upgraded the fpr to an Aeromotive adjustable fpr. My fuel pressure PSI was rock solid! at idle.. The new FPR made the pressure loss even more obvious. it had to be my pump. Which I had already noted was LOUUD. The old set up was a used walbro 255 is place of the stock fuel pump. Also note the Fram G3 Filter. DONT USE THE G3 AS A PREFILTER.


After realizing it was the pump, I wanted to make sure the fuel/fuel pump system would never have an issue like this again. If there was an issue I wanted it to be something on the engine or engine management side of the car. I settled on a fuel surge tank. It was the easiest way to get rid of a fuel starvation/Fuel pump issue without modifying the fuel tank or putting in a fuel cell.

So I did this.


I created a Plumbing Nightmare!!

So I purchased a new walbro pump, a low pressure carter pump, fittings, fuel line, and a surge tank. I didn’t want to put the tank in the cockpit, as I wanted it safe(er) and I didnt want it in the engine bay because it seems cramped enough already. I mounted it where the stock 280z fuel pump is. The tank barely squeezed in(and created a lot of pumbling headaches.)  I ran through about 20 different configurations to get everything to fit right. (headachesss). I ended up cutting a couple of holes and putting the low pressure carter pump and 100 micron fuel filter in the spare tire wheel well. Not what I initially planned but I have plans to seal the wheel well off later.


Safety is #1

After the low pressure pump was sorted, the feed line from the walbro and the return from the engine and return to tank had to be sorted. After sore fingers and headaches:


Hard to look at.

After many do overs…


I was left with a very quiet setup an I’ very happy with the results. But If i ever did this again I would get the fuel command center FITech makes:



Given the cost and amount of time taken on my current set up. This is a steeaaal. I need to confirm if it would fit in the stock fuel pump location though..

Hope this helps, Cheers!

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