Datsun 280z to 240z Front end conversion!

At the end 2016 Black Dragon auto, a online store for many older classics, announced it was going out of business. I remember reading on the forums that they had reproduction early 260z bumpers available and can be had at a bargain of $130 shipped over the more expensive 240z bumpers($300+ shipped). Though there are some differences I always wanted to go this route as I didn’t like the wide gaping hole in the front nose that the Z’s have when you take the bumpers off. I always kept the Black Dragon Auto 260z bumpers in the back of my mind until they announced they were closing (SALES!). I now have a brand new 260z bumper.


Of course, the bumper doesn’t come with any hardware. I ordered some 240z to 280z conversion brackets off eBay ($50). They bolted right up to the original bumper shock locations and placed the bumper straight and tight to the body.



I was satisfied with how everything bolted up but a deal came up on craigslist that I didn’t want to let pass: 240z valence with aero lip. Not the typical 240z from air dam but allows me to have a 240z front end :). Gives a much cleaner look imo.


So Clean, So Dreamy…**not mine**

The Air dam.


Red with racing stripes aka FAST


Mild Crack

Test Mounted


Notice the droop because it was hitting

During the test mount I noticed a couple of places on the frame I needed to modify. The horn mounts and the lower grille mount wanted to be in the same place as the air dam. Quick work with a sawzall and it cleared.


Interference areas

Took care of the fiberglass damage, then sanded and prepped lip



Painted it gunmetal metallic to match my rear fenders!





Now I just need 240z Turn Signals! Maybe I’ll whip something up instead..


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