White Bunny Clutch upgrade!

When I originally installed the L28ET I purchased a used Spec Stage II non-turbo clutch to handle the increase in torque from the turbo engine. While it did a fine job holding down the power, the stiff pedal feel sucked unless I was smashing through gears (ie. not in traffic or any city driving). I let it go(hoping I would get used to it) while I was sorting the gauges and getting it to run right, but while I was testing it the throwout bearing went out/started to make noise. I figured if I was going to drop the transmission I may as well get the clutch sorted as I already had a turbo flywheel (uninstalled).

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Looking at ACT/Centerforce set ups, I noticed the hefty price tag and comments on the pedal feel from users. I decided to try the Competition Clutch “white bunny” set up from Enjuku Racing. This set up is meant for the KA24de but it will work on the L28ET. It comes with a lightweight flywheel and a 250mm pressure plate. With the larger pressure plate the Z can handle up to 400 ft/lb torque with a much lighter pedal feel PLUS a lighter flywheel :).


Stock, Stock Turbo, 250mm lightened Flywheels


Top: White Bunny  // Bot: Spec Stage II Pressure Plates


Top: Spec SII // Bottom: White Bunny Clutch Disks


Shiny 🙂


White Bunny installed.


Spec Stage II for N/A L28 For Sale 

You will need to use the proper l28 turbo throwout bearing collar (shorter one) and you will need to use a pathfinder clutch slave cylinder so the clutch fully actuates when you push down the pedal. If you are using the stock Z trans you will have to grind down the bellhousing on the passenger side near the starter location a bit to make sure the large pressure plate clears it. (found out the hard way)

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Took it out for a quick spin and I was very pleased with the pedal feel. I’m still breaking in the clutch but it grabbed hard under the mild driving around the block.

I wasn’t able to fully break it in yet. Shortly after finishing the clutch, I started the next project. It rhymes with Sega Mquirt. >:)

Stay Tuned.


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