280z E-brake linkage fix+replacement

The E-brake on my Z has never worked properly. Last event I took it to (2010), a link in the e-brake system snapped and has been out ever since. I decided to tackle it along with a sound coming from my clutch/transmission/throw-out bearing (see upcoming post).

Living the Jackstand Life:


Stock E-brake components:


Broken link:


Replacement bolt:


Option 1 is basically a spacer that fits over the middle link. Option 1 improves leverage/reduce throw on the stock link set up:



Option 2 is a turnbuckle(current set-up) that I picked up from Home Depot with appropriate spacers and bushings to replace the middle link. – Allows for a quick, wide range of adjustment for the amount of throw you want in your e-brake.


The set up bolts in with the correct bushings/spacers:



The E-brake can now be fully locked at 2 clicks or it can be set up to lock at 5 clicks. Stay tuned for the clutch write-up soon.


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