THE America, Independence Day, Super Drift Style Update!

I’ve been working on getting the Chevette drift ready. Given it is a Chevette, I’m trying to build it up as cheaply yet effectively as possible. Remember the goal is to keep it as fun, streetable and ‘Merica as possible.


First was provisions for a “tire explosion guard” The Chevette’s fuel tank inlet is right next to the driver’s rear tire and unprotected. If a tire exploded while drifting it would most likely take out the fuel inlet.

Next was a welded diff. What’s drifting without some sort of diff? I was told that I had a posi-trac….It doesn’t. After looking at positrac and after market prices. I decided to just get it welded. I could work on getting a better geared rear-end in the future.

Reno Drift’s first event this season was out at Fernley-Reno Raceway on the 29th. It wasn’t a large event by any means but the showing at this event was huge! The Chevette continues to


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