Chevette Update *VIDEO CONTENT*

The weather has been nice enough (lazy *ahem*) to make a walkthrough video. This has been something that I have been trying to do since I got the car. Everyone loves videos… So here it is! (I’ll try to get more videos going)

Also, I am preparing for the first Reno Drift coming up on the 29th. I picked up a set of drift spares last week. They are nothing special; some 17×7’s +42 universal 4 lug (meaning: look for these on the Z as well). I have this set of 4 and the 13’s that came with the car as well which equates to four sets of tires. I should be good.


I kinda like how the 17's look

I kinda like how the 17’s look

So fitted. Such Underflush

All I need now is to figure out my differential situation and I’ll be set. I also may have some plastidip action coming soon.

Stay Tuned!


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