Five Dollar Friday Drags 05/16/14

Last Friday, I was able to get out to Top Gun Raceway out in Fallon, NV for their $5 Dollar Friday event. From 4pm to 11pm, it’s an open drag strip where anyone can run for $5 to spectate and an additional $10 to run.  As Long as your car gets passes tech you’re free to head out there. The night was filled with a variety of cars, trucks and bikes. From 10 second Hondas to 13 second smoke breathing diesel trucks to some Harley Davidsons, it was the first $5 Friday of the season so groups of all kinds were in attendance.



The Chevette Had been prepp’d for a while now. Almost begging for some action.


Holdin’ it down next to a Moped was the Chevette’s daily life. I can hear “Drive Me”

I headed out right after work. It was the first time I’ve been out to Fallon and despite being so windy in Reno, Fallon was exceptionally pleasant.



Out on the Prairie


Clear as day. Oh, wait.

I was expecting a lot of muscle cars because of the location and nature of the event but I was surprised when I saw tons of Hondas especially the 4 or 5 EG hatches trailered in as I was paying admission. (They all ran around 10 seconds all night). Before the sun went down the pit area looked like an extremely organized and regulated event. The pit area was poorly lit, however, so as the sun went down, the mood of the event turned into something out of a movie. (It was still very organized.)


Conga line to the strip.


Race WARS 🙂


Pic of the strip/tree

On Top Gun Raceway’s Facebook page there are ton of pictures of the cars that ran. A lot of them are very interesting to say the least.

My Contribution:


1st Run


2nd Run

Aside from being the second slowest there, I had a ton of fun. I only ran twice, but I improved by almost .5 second in those two runs. Top seed on about 80 mph. Heh.



vs Hyundai Veloster Turbo


vs a 2011+ Ford Mustang GT 5.0

The best thing was that the Chevette is still proving to be solid. Driving to events, getting runs in, and driving back home. *knocks on wood*  There are a couple of small things I’d like to fix before I head back out there on the 6th and I can always improve as a driver. Good Fun!


Post-event fuel up.

Note: I know my media coverage of this event was horrible. I was so stoked about the whole event I forgot about pictures.

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