Chevette Part 2.5..and on.

Once getting back to home base I did a full inspection. The brakes taken care of: the pads were changed out and the system was properly bled. Other odds and ends.


From and earlier post…

I decided to dig into the interior because I wanted to find the source of the fumes that were coming into the cabin during the trip. What I found was hardly surprising. The interior was fairly ratty before i got into it, but..


Like peeling an onion. Tear jerking.

As I pulled the carpet away you can see damage from the water and the powdery orange that auto enthusiasts hardly ever want or like to see. (Rat rods?) Yes, Rusted floorboards. Enough to see the ground through them. Swiss Cheese. Fred Flintstone.


*cringe* Driver Side.

I did a quick fix (not kosher) with a thin sheet metal and sheet metal screws from Home Depot and sealed it off with some silicone. I will most likely regret it later. The passenger side was in better shape than the driver’s side. Something better will have to be done in the future.


As far as the drive back goes. My phone died on the way back up, so thank goodness I didn’t break down. Unfortunately, that also means no other pics frommy journey back up. But I can say there were no problems. And that sums up the Chevette Road Trip. It proved it can run reliably and showed me the few wrinkles I’ll have to iron out. I’ll get there.

In other news, my suspension came in.


Stay tuned for some installs!


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