Chevette Road Trip Part #1

Maybe it was a test of strength for the Chevette, a test of will for me, or maybe I was watching too much Roadkill episodes but I thought it would be a good idea for the blog and for the Chevette for me to drive from Reno, NV down to San Jose, CA for a couple of days. The drive was 500 miles in total. 250 down and 250 up. 


500 miles there and back.

I grabbed a couple of things at Auto Parts store that I thought may go wrong: I brought extra tires, a jack and stands, tool, oil , radiator fluid, brake fluid, snack and water, etc. If anything was going wrong I would be ready for it or I could limp it to a spot where I could fix it. I was going to watch oil pressure because when I was driving it around town, it had fairly low pressure. I was going to watch water temperature because the electric fan fuse holder sometimes got lose and turned off the fan. I check all my fluids, filled it up with fuel and began the journey. 


A bright and early 9:30 am (haha)





Not pictured: Junk in the trunk.


10 gallon tank

1st Stop: Vista Point over Donner Lake. Up until this time I was driving with the windows up. It was fairly cold when I left. While, driving I notice I’m getting tired and nausuous. Then I realize it could be some exhaust fumes/ carbon monoxide seeping into the cockpit. I pull over and take a break for a few. I’ve only been driving for 30 mins but all the vitals seem good, the carb hates the upward climb though. Kinda funny how I’m the one that needed the breakfirst. I snap a few pics (it was such a nice day) and continue. I drive with my windows down for the rest of my trip. 


Chevy Gas Chamber


Hello, Hills make me thirsty


Snow helped with cooling ability.



Windows down from now on.

Stop 2: Vista Point at Emigrant Gap. At this point I’m an hour and 15 minuets into the drive and everything is looking good. I’m just a little concerned about the fumes still. With the windows down, there is a deadspot in the cockpit where the air doesn’t really move. With the windows down i think the fumes were just being sucked into the cockpit at this point and staying in that dead spot which was right under my nose. Maybe I was being paranoid. I take a break snap a few pics and start again. The carb was really sucking up the fuel, I needed to stop soon.



Chevette Gap


Starting to warm up. Was still nice.


Taxi thought I wasn’t going to make it.


The older fellow, thought the car was too loud.

From this point on it was very easy riding. It was all down hill with very little to no traffic. Coasted the whole way down. Gas was becoming an issue. But, more on that later! Stay tuned for part 2 soon. Problems arise. 


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