Project Shove it Update #1

old chevette

Hopes and Dreams. The Chevette’s Past Life.

Slapped on on a Supercharger!… I wish. The previous owner sent me a picture of the ride before he bought it from the man who built it. Apparently, the builder kept the supercharger. 😦

In reality: Probably one of the biggest things that stood out to me when initially driving the Chevette is the horrible braking ability that this thing has. A routine check-up was done over the basic systems of it and most checked out fine. However, for the brakes, I was at the point where the pedal was past the floor boards to get the thing to start slowing down. So for safety, the first thing I did was check out the braking system and address the tire situation.


Chevette Brakes are bad. Very Bad.

Rotors were fine, Brake Pads were fine, Brake Hoses were cracking. Stainless steel hoses were sourced from a Pontiac Fiero. Once I got to bleeding, I see another reason the brake were so bad. No brake booster and black tar for brake fluid. Once bled the brakes were still poor but at least the pedal held pressure and the car stopped better. The rear checked out fine and was only bled. The only issue was the Previous owner’s e-brake tie down bracket. (err..hose clamp.)


Mint by engineering standards.

I found a set of American Racing Wheels 15×7 +35 offsett (gross, i know) with a good set of tires locally and threw them on. They aren’t as cool as the 13×7 deep dish Monza Steelies but getting good tires for them was impossible. Look for updates on the wheel situation later. (its definately a situation) .


Repost, but its the best current pic of wheels.

And lastly, the interior. I added a shift knob that would pay homage to the screwdriver shift knob in my Z.


Note: only shift knob was added from previous owner

Wrapping up: the car was gone over and its going on a road trip this month. 🙂 Keep an eye out for the road trip update!

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