280zx Turbo CV axle Adapter

Back in 2009, before a Bob’s donuts drift event, I swapped in a welded 280zx turbo R200 rear end with the CV axles and a “Ron Tyler mount ” into the Z. I was concerned about exploding a u-joint when I was clutch kicking or downshifting.


Turbo on the right. Stock on the left.


Ron Tyler Mount. Requires a GM transmission mount (not pictured)

I used this CV adapter that was posted on Hybridz.org in the downloads section. The R/T mount is on there as well. All the measurements are correct and are still working as of today. The “RT mount” differential mount is also used and it is a replacement/ upgraded mount option for the differential strap and the front differential mount. It eliminates the possibility that the rear mount will go bad (the famous clunk sound in older Z’s) and offers a better design. Again, because I was planning on clutch kicking and generally abusing the Z, I opted for this mount.



Machined CV Adapter


Other Side


Space for Adapter


Installed CV Adapter


Welded Diff and Ron Tyler Mount Installed

I’d definately recommend these mods if you are looking for more power or looking to beat on your Z a little bit. It made a huge difference on how solid the rear end felt( Ron Tyler Monut) and gives you a certain peace of mind.

Zen with the Z.


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