A Quick Comparison: New Vs. Old Car Marketing Concepts

Have you noticed car commercials lately? They are over the top, hardly even discuss the car, and seem to be selling something besides the car. A Lifestyle. I stumbled uppon an old 300zx commercial that does in 30 seconds what most of the newer car commercials do in 2 to 5 minutes.

It starts with pretense, then why, then what it will be, the new model(Z’s were known already), and the brand. All represented with a sense of pride. They weren’t selling even the brand. Nissan wasn’t mentioned until the end. The Z was its own brand and diversified itself from Nissan and the other cars in this commercial.  It presented its goals and a legacy.”The Best Sports Car in the world.”

The Scion FR-S has been out for sometime now and they have commercials of it. The Scion FR-S/Toyota FT-86/Subaru BR-Z car had such a huge development phase and the three companies dedicated so much time to create an affordable sports car for the average joe. And this is the commercial for it. It is portrayed as an average car that “brings driving back”

To be fair the FR-S was the first of its kind, they needed to lay down the basic foundation of what it was. Also, compared to the Z it was aimed at a different part of the market. High-end performance in mind. So lets look at how Nissan portrays the Z today.

Again Z is its own brand that exceeds the standards of the typical Nissan.(Similar to the Mustang or Camaro). With only a list of performaance features and random driving scenes, when the commercial claims that it is “Most Powerful Z ever” I’m not sure if I’m convinced.

The Numbers:

300zx Sales – 82420 (1990-1996) –source

370z Sales – 54896 (2008-2013) –source

The Z is iconic car. I hope nissan doesn’t portray it or the next line of Z’s as something less than that.

Example: Like what happened to the Camaro.


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