240Z on Airbags?!? Gasp!

Now, I understand that Datsuns in general are “outdated” compared to the modern technology we have in cars today and that this leads to these cars becoming “novelty” items. I get that. But the Z is a sports car. It was designed with performance and driver in mind. It had purpose like any other sports car.
Air bag suspension allows you to lower or raise a car at will using air pressure. And someone put it on a Z car. Yes, its his. Yes, I like the car, but to do this to a car that was not designed just for cruising and parking…why? Sleek lines, low look, nicer ride..I get it. But, The car looses purpose. Air bags on a nice comfortable car whether coupe or sedan makes sense if you want to cruise around and look great while doing it.

AZC Coilovers on a z

AZC Coilovers on a Z. Proper lowering.

The Z looks great this low, however, the Z’s frame rails hang about 1.5 inches lower than the body. So going this low will cause scrape on everything except a glass smooth surface. Without airbags a car this low is impractical and unusable. (moar low?) Here’s reference where i first got my coilovers installed. The fronts are maxed on the AZC coilovers. The rears have a lot of room for adjustment. (I’ve been playing with the rear height since I installed them.)

Rear Lowered on Coilovers.

Rear Lowered on Coilovers. Lots of room until you see frame rails.

Older Phone.

About 1/5" of Clearance for Frame Rails

About 1.5″ of Clearance for Frame Rails

To each his own.


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