New Gauges for the Z!

Finally made a video of the gauges I installed in the Z. All are 52mm.
Innovate Wideband A/F  w/ G3 Gauge
Prosport Fuel Pressure
Sunpro Mechanical Boost Gauge

The Innovate gauge fit perfectly in the Z’s Stock clock holder/gauge cup. A quality item necessary for any turbo car.

Although Prosport is essentially an Ebay brand, I really like how complete the kit was and how well it works.  I took out the drive side vent to fit the Prosport fuel pressure gauge.

Besides the boost gauge, they both turn green when the headlights are switched on. Just like stock. You can’t tell in the video because of the lighting.

The Supro boost gauge was picked up at Autozone for really cheap. It matches well with the stock lighting and isn’t so bright like the other two so it isn’t distracting me by brightly blinking in my face.

The newer gauges light up so nice and are so crisp. Makes me want to change them all!


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