4 Reasons why you need a Turbo Blanket for your turbo.

Turbos are awesome. They make the boost we feel and the cool engine noises we love. The thing is, turbos are such a simple idea. Its’ basically a propeller that takes the energy already present from the exhaust or waste of a system and uses that energy to create more power. It is very efficient way to create more power without changing the engine size. Sounds like a green technology to me. (subject matter for another post).

Nissan 1.5L 400hp 3 Cylinder

Nissan 1.5L 400hp 3 Cylinder

One of the downsides to the turbocharger system is that its a restriction of the exhaust system. This restriction creates lots of heat under heavy loads. Turbos can operate in these extreme heat conditions but that heat spreads and can cause harm to the rest of your car.


The Solution: A Turbo Blanket.


Looks Comfy

  1. Keeps the heat at the exhaust side of the turbo. This helps with thermal efficiency. The hotter, expanding gases will be pushed out of the exhaust system easier.
  2. It keeps the engine bay cool. I stumbled upon a post on nasoic.com where a member by the name of HeroCrank had access to an infared thermal tester and was able to accurate test the benefits of a turbo blanket compared to stock, and to a heat shield.
  3. Protect turbo from sudden changes in temperature. These sudden changes can cause harm to the turbo internals.
  4. Affordable in Pricing(Cheap). For the price and the ease of install it offers great benefits.
  5. (bonus) Looks cool.

Now there are some alternatives. Heatshields, Special turbo coatings, or even leaving the turbo as is. However, none will touch all of the benefits that the turbo blanket will have for the price. It may have been overkill for my datsun but I was already in the engine bay.

Plus, they look cool.


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