L28et swap part II *warning pic intese*

After opening the engine and seeing the great shape the engine was in, I prepped the turbo and exhaust manifold. I coated the manifold in high temp paint and wrapped it in exhaust wrap in order to keep engine bay temps down. I read that the wraps can trap moisture and cause the manifolds to rust prematurely so I did a couple of coats in a high-temp paint.


3 Coats of High-temp Paint


Cooking the paint on. 2 heat cycles. Shake and Bake

I also tapped the 6th Cylinder runner on the manifold for an egt probe.


Drill and tap dat


Simple, clean, and ready to go

Wrap her up!


Not perfect but every little bit helps.


Looking warm and cozy

I noticed that the turbo was not stock because it was watercooled. It is probably a z31 turbo. The previous owner did an effective but ugly plumbing job for the water.  Plumbing the turbo was definitely a challenge to keep functional and aesthetically pleasing. I bought a turbo blanket which is one of the more effective ways to keep temps down in turbocharged cars. Infared Engine Bay Tests @ nasoic.com


Z31 snail?


Steampunk brass fittings. Yep I reused them for the return.

Before removing the old engine, I layed out the turbo wiring harness, removed all of the tape covering, checked wires for frays or bad connections, rerouted the wires a litte, and studied the diagrams. The harness I had was already modified for installation. I modified some of it the connections. Wired new fusible links to actual fuses, wired in fuel pump relay, wired in start and ignition on for the ecu and redid the ignition protion of the harness. Because I had no stock turbo coil/ignitor, I had to do the hei swap as per Zdriver Thread


the spark

Despite it not working on the N/A engine, it worked fine this time around.


Added connection from P.O. Connects to stock EFI ecu connection. Fuel pump wire also present.


Extended AFM wires. Not needed in my situation but I had to make sure the connections were good


Fusible Link and Relay shown. Both were removed and rewired to my liking.


TPS connection. P.O. was having problems? Tested to make sure connections were good.


Stretched out and Labeled


Lets play operation!

With all that done and with other parts ordered. I was ready to yank the old heart and put in a new one.


Almost Beating.

Until next update!


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