DIY Catch Can (Kind Of)

I realized that I needed a catch can when I opened up the intake manifold and saw the thick layer of sludge that lived in there. For time related reasons and in trust of quality I went with a Husky water/air separator filter from my local Home Depot Market. It set me back about $60 +fittings, but because of its filtering abilities and detachable chamber I went with it.



I rerouted my main engine harness and used the two grabber hooks there to hold it in place. I ziptied it there for good measure as well. Here is the final mock up and position of the catch can:


Arrows show locations of the new catch can system:


Next step may be some more tuning but for the most part its done until a full engine rebuild! o.o

We shall see.

“A concept of beauty occurs when all parts work together in harmony so that no one part draws unjust attention to itself” – Aristotle


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