Datsun Updates 2/9/13

When I first installed my headers, I broke one of the exhaust manifold studs and in the essence of time I decided to leave it. I have had a really irritating hesitation from 3000 rpm and up. I figure it was causing the problem along with other small things.

So I decided to open it up. For “a quick fix” but not so fast.



Put on My Turbo Manifold. Looks good on there eh? needs a turbo and a proper installation


I made some block off plates for the AAR, EGR and the air tube on top of the TB. I’ve been meaning to do these eliminations for a while especially since the hesitation started. I drew out templates and sent the manifold out for cleaning.


Following a pic posted by BRAAP on hybridz


I plugged/eliminated my BCCD


All back together looking pretty…


Going in tomorrow. I’m probably going to to have to tune it a little. I also have a catch can going in so check out the install post that I’ll be doing soon.


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