The Spirit of Competition

ImageSadly(not really) the Olympics are over. The four year event can be considered the pinnacle of each sport for the athletes. They compete at the highest levels of competition and on an international level. I realized a couple of things as I shifted my focus from my work and the the TV near my desk that was always playing the Olympics (it was a bad idea…).

One: The “Spirit of Competition” is amplified exponentially in the international arena. I was expecting countries like Russia, China, and especially the USA to be ready for the competition that other countries brought. I expected them to be a considerable threat to most of the available medals. The medal count states that they these countries were prepared but some events they were completely blown out. I was impressed with countries like Jamaica, Kazakhstan and Kenya. Although they didn’t win every medal they competed in they had certain specialties and stuck to those.


Two: Only on an epic stage, such as the Olympics, does the grind of becoming something pay off. These Olympians participate in many similar events throughout the four years in between Olympics, but the Olympics is the stage that determines whether they can perform when they absolutely need to.


When you are doing what you do(whatever it may be), do it when competition is at its most fierce and on the grandest of stages. Bring it.


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