For Future (Datsun) Reference.

Well, now that the semester is done, I can begin to focus on a few car things. I am currently gearing up for an engine rebuild so I thought I would post some valuable information on the Datsun L-series engines.


The L-Series engines has a weak coolant flow design. Apparently through the reading I have done, the heads don’t cool evenly. This can cause various problems in a higher stress situation. It can be easily addressed especially when rebuilding the engine. The modification is definitely on my to do list. The mod is to drill and tap holes in the head that access cooling cavities so that radiator fluid can be distribute heats more evenly. The pic was pulled from a member on



My engine build has been planned and is ready to go. I still need to map out the Megasquirt system. This will be my first time building a wiring harness from scratch so I am going to take the process rather seriously when I get to it. I have decided to use a block where all my realys and wires meet in order to keep it simple. The fuel management system will allow me to upgrade to a turbo system later on. Definitely a possibility Here’s a pic of the goal. The pic was also pulled from a member on



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