In Sync Goals, Pit Crew Heros

Coordination is an important part of teamwork. Whether its a sports team, a cooperation, or an engine, coordination can lead to the completion of goals and ultimately to success. I am fully amazed by what high competition racing does. Recently, I subscribed to an F1 technology blog and just sit there and read it all day. The technology is just outstanding. How each part is calibrated to the next to the next to the next in order to create a high performance race car   is truly an art. Despite the narrow rules and regulations of F1 especially, these engineers and car planners can build a machine that is unique to the team with its own competitive advantages. Much like a business each one has to follow certain laws for success but each has their own unique attributes that can give them the competitive advantage at any given race.

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What isn’t on that blog however is that human aspect of each team. How coordinated and synchronized the team is to the driver, the car, the pit crew, the resource team, and the engineering team. By monitoring each and every detail about the car along with feedback from the driver they can make strategic moves and micromanage their resources too produce positive results. They act as one unit and perform like one. The Pit Crew really is the pinnacle of this. In a matter of seconds, the crew jacks the car, changes the tires, and refuels the car. They faster they do this the faster the car can get back on the track. They are coordinated, timed, quick, efficient, and any mistakes can cost them the race. They also want to win as bad the the driver does. Their goals are in sync. A pit crew can even determine the whole race:

Yes the driver is a huge part of the results of the race put the pit crew’s performance is crucial to any race. Much like F1 races there are the drivers, the faces of the team. All eyes are on them. The pit crew however, is where the real winning is done especially when F1 cars and drivers perform at such high but familiar level. Notice these pit crews in business you can see where the winning is done. Celebrities? no agents and marketing staff. Steve Jobs/ Apple? Have you looked at the brilliance of the individuals that worked on and developed those products? Google? have you looked at what some of their workers do for their jobs? The driver can really make a good race team. The team as a whole can make an unbeatable race team.

Assemble a pit crew.


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