Toyota FT-86, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S

I’m not usually interested in newer cars because I don’t like where the design is headed. I feel like the newer cars are over done and are moving towards a culture that makes them disposable. Companies are trying really hard to get the buyers attention and I feel sometimes the neglet the car ownership experience. There is so much to look at when looking at newer cars;  various aerodynamic lines, grilles, huge 19inch+ wheel sizes and lots of plastics. Of course I am biased because I own a 1975 Datsun which featured 80+ lb chrome bumper and an all metal body. However, for 2012 Toyota is doing something that has really caught my attention.

In 1987, Toyota ceased the production of the rear wheel-drive Corollas. The 1984-1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S was a car that performed very well for its price and provided great technology that worked synchronous in an effective package.  It excelled in competition and is a coveted car for competitive driving even today. In 2012 Toyota has brought back this idea and has created a car that is packed with performance in an affordable package. The creation of this car has been ongoing since it was introduced as a concept in 2009. Toyota has been taking their time making sure that the car is worthy of fitting the early Corolla’s legacy. They even teamed up with Subaru and are releasing 3 different versions of the car to make the best impact on the younger and enthusiast market.

Toyota is making an interesting move with this car because it has shown to work. especially when the companies’ integrity is on the line. The retro styled version of the 05′ mustang is an example of this. People are attracted to modernized improved version especially if they come at a cheap price for what you are buying. Not to mention its rear-wheel drive! (finally)

I introduce to you the Toyota FT-86, Scion FR-S and Subaru BR-Z:

FT86 FR-s BR-z car

FT-86 via

I’m really excited to see how this car performs and when they are released I’m definitely going to take a ride to the dealer to “test” one out.

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