Chevette Auto-x recap and a Gemini, Vauxhaull, Chevette photo dump


Vomit bags located in the seat pocket…

Reno SCCA holds autocrosses at the Stead Airport in Stead fairly often.  The airport is 15 mins away from my house in Reno. I’m used to events that are 45 min+ away from my house. It’s a nice change to have something so close. It was short as well only lasting 4 hours for my group. They even had free runs after 4 pm. Such a club up here. Small gallery set:

I’m still having troubles with my fuel cutting out, vapor locking, and overall killing the driving experience. Made some mods since the last drift event to help but it still seems to not be enough. I have an interesting solution coming soon… I did get a new battery. XS Power 680. Its basically a copy of the odyssey batt. Works for me. The car starts consistently every time now. 


Size matters… yata yata…

I’ll be installing some new suspension on the chevette soon. There’s another Reno drift on August 17th. Gotta get it straight by then. For the front, it looks like I will have some issues with the sway bar and steering arms. Lowering in general also scres me because of how low the torque arm is mounted… Something might have to be done there. Everything else looks straight forward. Stay Tuned on these upcoming mods!  Gallery: 

Now.. Some of that there inspiration.

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So many styles, varieties, and flavors. There is no set path. I don’t think too many cars have that about them. 

THE America, Independence Day, Super Drift Style Update!

I’ve been working on getting the Chevette drift ready. Given it is a Chevette, I’m trying to build it up as cheaply yet effectively as possible. Remember the goal is to keep it as fun, streetable and ‘Merica as possible.


First was provisions for a “tire explosion guard” The Chevette’s fuel tank inlet is right next to the driver’s rear tire and unprotected. If a tire exploded while drifting it would most likely take out the fuel inlet.

Next was a welded diff. What’s drifting without some sort of diff? I was told that I had a posi-trac….It doesn’t. After looking at positrac and after market prices. I decided to just get it welded. I could work on getting a better geared rear-end in the future.

Reno Drift’s first event this season was out at Fernley-Reno Raceway on the 29th. It wasn’t a large event by any means but the showing at this event was huge! The Chevette continues to

Chevette Update *VIDEO CONTENT*

The weather has been nice enough (lazy *ahem*) to make a walkthrough video. This has been something that I have been trying to do since I got the car. Everyone loves videos… So here it is! (I’ll try to get more videos going)

Also, I am preparing for the first Reno Drift coming up on the 29th. I picked up a set of drift spares last week. They are nothing special; some 17×7′s +42 universal 4 lug (meaning: look for these on the Z as well). I have this set of 4 and the 13′s that came with the car as well which equates to four sets of tires. I should be good.


I kinda like how the 17's look

I kinda like how the 17′s look

So fitted. Such Underflush

All I need now is to figure out my differential situation and I’ll be set. I also may have some plastidip action coming soon.

Stay Tuned!

All your patents are belong to us.

Elon Musk is a monster. An innovative genius.

the bos

Who? Who in the tech/innovative industry would surrender their “competitive advantage” for the “greater good”? Especially with the threat of that kind of information finding its way into the eyes of companies(and countries) who would/can do it cheaper/possibly better (China).  Companies get sued for billions of dollars for things like this. (See Samsung and Apple). Its like an open invitation fort tech companies to “challenge” Tesla and even Elon Musk himself or maybe even help him finish the journey that he is already on. From a tech stand point, open sharing of information inspires growth and  innovation. From a business standpoint, I’m sure there are people who have money in Tesla that are squirmy from this news.

From the man himself:

He may have started something very interesting …or may have thrown away a lot of money.

A Slow Roll… Godzilla sized update!

Things may be on a slow roll but  summer has a way of building that momentum.

I’ve been all over the place these last couple of weeks: I had finals, was traveling and moving to a new job so things haven’t been updated like they should have (good excuses). But this post is about to be massive…dat content.

This post.

This post.

Chevette Before $5 Fridays on 5/16, I installed a rear sway bar out an S10 Blazer. The stock rear sway bar on it is huge (its about 7/8″). The Chevrolet S10 Blazer and the Chevrolet Monza share a similar GM 7.5 inch 10 bolt rear end so the sway bar mounts fit on the housing.

I did some measuring:

The Diff + Torque Arm

The Diff + Torque Arm

The only downside would be the using the correct sway bar links and fabricating a mount for them. The Chevette’s came with a rear sway bar, but it was an option. Upon  inspecting the rear, you can see the provisions for a sway bar, however it is mounted where the link side of the sway bar is on the carrier side.

Optional sway bar mount location 1

Optional sway bar mount location 1


Original sway bar mount 2


The Blazer sway bar is mounted completely opposite and the links are hardly usable because they are so long.  Not only is it mounted towards the gas tank but the links attach to the body rather than the rear end. This style of mounting is favorable in my opinion and its easier to do something custom.  So, I flipped the sway bar to face the front towards the original Chevette sway bar mounting locations and got some sway bar link brackets fabricated and welded into place.

Blazer Mount Locations

Blazer Mount Locations

Better look at mounts + sway bar clearance.

Better look at mounts + sway bar clearance.

For the sway bar links, I used Nissan Quest front sway bar links because the Blazer sway bar has eye hole mounts, and the mount that was fabricated was made to use the regular sandwich style link. I used the Nissan links because they are extremely short and fit in the hole on the Blazer’s sway bar.

Close up on the Quest sway bar links + fabricated mount.

Close up on the Quest sway bar links + fabricated mount.

The only other modification the was required was drilling a hole in the panhandle bar mount on the rear end so that the passenger-side sway bar mount would fit. The difference in feeling from no sway bar to a huge 7/8″ one was night and day. The car feels so much flatter when you take turns. It also made the rear end feel much more tighter and controllable (for you know, doing donuts and stuff.). I’m so glad I got this done, especially since the sway bar itself was only $30.


Also, I’m thinking about plasti-dipping the car so I figure I’d get familiar with using it. I touched up the grill and did the headlight buckets with some Black  plati-dip from the can. I’m not sure if I like the black headlight buckets but the chrome on them is beginning to peel off so, why not?

Right after 3 coats.

Right after 3 coats.




Meet the Nostrils

Black Eyed, Still unsure about it...

Black Eyed, still unsure about it…

Helmet Update: Picked up a new helmet. An HJC in Flat Black. Should last me another 5 years or so.

Nightrider Helmet.

From Nightrider himself.

Datsun: I went down to California for my brother’s graduation. While I was down I was able to check up on the Z.  I prettied her up and took some pics of the hard parked life.

Warning! Photo Dump

That junkyard look. These azc coils are doing me well(*sarcasm*)

Greener Pastures



Frontal with more rim

Frontal with more rim



Need some proper Wats on this.

Side shot. #rare

Damaged junk look.

Damaged junk look.

Pretty Side

Pretty Side

What fitment?

What fitment?

16 lbs of high pitched barking, baby squirrel killing, sharp teeth having fury. AKA Mochi "the gaurd dog"

16 lbs of high pitched barking, baby squirrel killing, sharp teeth having fury. AKA Mochi “the gaurd dog”

RIP 56K. Do people even use that still? I probably could have split this up into a lot of posts, but then it wouldn’t be Godzilla. Everyone loves Godzilla.


Got some videos in the making and some sweet events lined up. I’ll keep it posted.